Quality bespoke Iron Gates - Estate Gates

Our Estate gate range are our premium traditional gate. They are made from solid flat bar and with decorative rivets. This gate is as close as we can produce to that once hammer out in the local forge. It has the look an feel of an authentic blacksmith field gate. Traditionally, it would have been the wealthier lander owners that could afford such gates, hence the name 'Estate gates'.

Standard Features:

  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Heights available - 4ft (1.2m) as standard, other heights priced separately.
  • Length - made to measure (MTM)
  • Hung with adjustable hinges.
  • Rivet Detail
  • Welds recessed or hidden from view.
    Optional features:
  • Painting (after galvanising)
  • single gates
  • double gates (a pair or set)
  • Pedestrian gates

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No two jobs are the same, we know this better than most. We approach every job with care and attention to produce something unique that we know you will love!

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