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Resized 0000 EG01
Resized 0000 EG01
Resized 0002 EG04
Resized 0001 EG06
Resized 0001 EG02
Resized 000 EG03
Resized 0000 EG05
Resized 0000 EG01Resized 0002 EG04Resized 0001 EG06Resized 0001 EG02Resized 000 EG03Resized 0000 EG05

Sometimes, a gate is just needed where there was never a gate before. We at Fishpond Ironworks understand that. The child has learned the delights of the outside and wants to explore the whole world, you want that too but in safety. The Eco gate is the gate for where there was no budget for a gate. They are simple, practical and well made. Some small flourishes made them pleasing to the eye while easy on the pocket. Available in a few designs, either with a galvanised finish or galvanised and then painted in a range of colours

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