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Some projects require some metalwork to define them. Pieces that have clearly defined designs and are suitable an appropriate to the building that they are fitted to. Fishpond Ironworks is your partner for such projects. We can take designs and turn them into fine metalwork that will either stand out or compliment a building.

One such example is a piece we collaborated on in 2017 with the Artist Ceara Conway. The piece was entitled ‘Journey’ and was a commission for Carraig National school in Nenagh, Co Tipperary.

We took Ceara’s direction and created a sphere of twisted iron with over 90 birds attached. The finished work was galvanised and painted in 5 shades of blue before being suspended over a central courtyard in the school. Fishpond Ironworks handled all of the structural design and logistics to take the piece from concept to finished installation.

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